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Fiber Wheel Enameled Wire Depainting Machine

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Feature of product:

  • This machine thoroughly removes any hard insulating paint, enamel paint, ML, lsonel, etc. on the wire surface through two high-speed rotating steel wire wheels or fiber wheels.

  • The enameled wire stripper can strip enameled wires with different wire diameters by adjusting the gap between two steel wire weaving wheels (or fiber wheels).

  •  The enameled wire stripping machine adopts a dual motor design with strong power. It is suitable for stripping thin and flat wires and can strip multiple thin wires at the same time.

Applicable wire diameter: round wire Φ0.2 - 10mm, flat wire up to 40mm wide

Stripping length: 3 - 100mm

Working voltage: 220V / 50Hz

Rated power: 450W

Net weight: 38Kg

Dimensions: 485×305×250mm