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Training Program - Kingsing Machinery Co., Limited

2017-12-26 16:12:33 gaopeijie

Kingsing Machinery provides a full range of training program for our employees. The purpose of training is to make sure all of the newly joined Staff as well as experienced ones to be capable of discharging their full duties independently and proficiently. The employee shall possess thorough understanding on applying respective working procedures and service skills corresponding to different products after the training period.

Kingsing's training program including Production Training System, Management Training System, Key People Development Plan.

Production Training is vital to our business development. Kingsing adopts Stepped Production Training construction to fully speed up the training process. We have serval technical engineers responsible for the training of production group leaders. The training will be centered on quality, efficiency and safety. Next, 5-8 operators will be assigned to the respective group leaders for further training.

Management Training System is divided in o two major parts: Internal and External. Kingsing pays a considerable amount of money for employee's third party training every year. We also hire experienced trainer for internal training, and we encourage talented employees to apply for special training course which is closely related to her/his job.

Key People Development Plan is a star project which committed to cultivate talented employees so that they will be adding extra value to the products and services we offer to our clients.